Top 5 News Apps You Should Know

Top 5 News Apps You Should Know


9apps is the platform other than Google playstore and provides apk formats which help to save the space on the device and increase the speeds of the downloads. The 9apps helps the users to provide the best of the apps that too free of cost. People of various nations have interest in what is going on in the world .The people now have various news apps in their devices to be in touch with the world. Various apps are available on 9apps install and some of them have been described as:

  • Public: The apps keep the user up to date in regard to what is going on in the world. This brings out all the videos about the city and news what is happening in the world. They provide a medium where one can get all the important news from across the city in a single place. One can even record the opinions and share the reviews about the various issues. One can get immediately notifications on the device and be up to date.
  • Dream Apps Market: This app provides the dream market for all the android users. This is an alternative to the default list of Google playstore. This has the advantages of the all store applications. One can see the recommendations for the best games and utilities for android which have been specially selected to filter the best creations. This is the multitude of lists specifically created on user feedback. This is the complete utility for all apps. The app is just 3.0m.
  • Briefing: This app provides a great summary of personalized packages in a beautiful package. Invest in yourself and one can even stay informed all the time. One can focus on all the matters which matter to the individual. One can even select the favourite topics and then get the full coverage. The app is quite easy to use and has a good interface. The app is just 10.7mb and is very popular among the users.
  • NarendraModi: This is the official app of the Prime minister of the nation. This helps to provide the latest news and updates. This is the exclusive opportunity to receive the emails from the minister. There are very thoughtful forums in order to share the views about various issues. One can even contribute to the whole thing by small tasks. One can even know about the government initiatives and schemes. One can even have birthday greetings from the PM.
  • Twitter Lite: This is the app that helps to save a lot data. This works best on 2g and 3g networks and one can download the images which one wants to see. One can chat with the world and see the breaking news in order to be in touch with the world. The app is considered best in this sector and is of only 1.3mb and provides full utility to the users.

These all apps can be downloaded from and the benefits can be availed from there. 9apps have varieties of different apps available for download.

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