Is WOW Internet a good option in 2022?

Is WOW Internet a good option in 2022?


Despite the fact that WOW! stands for “Wide Open West,” the company offers no-contract cable internet service in nine states in the eastern part of the country. It offers fast (up to 1,000 Mbps) and reasonably priced (from $39.99 to $74.99 per month) internet service. WOW! is off to a wonderful start so far!

WOW! the advantages as well as the disadvantages

Advantages of Wow

The no-contract plan and whole-home Eero mesh Wi-Fi upgrades are just some of WOW’s benefits. WOW! is a credible alternative to the likes of Xfinity and Spectrum in the cable internet market (and the name is more fun, too).


Slow internet speeds and pricey plans

Expensive televisions with average picture quality

Wow internet plans and rates

There are no plans below 100 Mbps of upload speed offered by WOW! that are capable of maintaining an internet-dependent household running smoothly. As speeds rise, the likelihood of data bottlenecks between several users decreases, making WOW’s Gig package an appealing value.

WOW! has data restrictions on all four of its internet plans, as do many other cable ISPs, and you’ll be charged $10 per 50 GB (up to $50 monthly) if you go over that limit. For $30 a month, WOW’s 1 Gig plan comes with an unlimited data option, which we’re not big lovers of but WOW!’s data caps of 1.5 TB to 3 TB are substantial. Xfinity and AT&T, for example, have data caps of roughly 1 terabyte.

The upload speeds of WOW! internet are a quarter of the download speeds, which should be taken into account if you’re working from home or running a business. Using fiber-optic internet, you get the same download and upload rates, making it easier and more efficient to transfer huge files and have smoother video-conferences. Businesses in select areas can take advantage of WOW fiber-optic !’s internet plans.

The stated speeds you see during sign-up with any provider may be lower or higher than you expect. A direct wired Ethernet cable connection would be able to reach that speed, but Wi-Fi would not be able to do so; the convenience of wireless may reduce that number by about 50%.

Amazing deals on internet and TV bundles.

Traditional cable TV services are available from WOW!, although the company tends to steer users away from them. As a result, WOW! suggests that you take use of its high internet connections to enjoy low-cost streaming live TV services.

To sign up for WOW! cable TV, however, you will need to speak with a WOW! customer service person. Small TV (local channels only), Medium TV (some basic cable channels), and Large TV (all channels) are your options (includes premium cable channels).

WOW! tv+ is not the cheapest cable TV provider we’ve come across, but if you want to bundle services, we’d recommend Medium TV. There is a reasonable range of basic cable channels and high-speed internet included in the plan for $139.89 a month.

On the other hand, you may also choose to join up for third-party live internet streaming TV providers (such as YouTube, fubo TV and Sling) at checkout. For an additional $9.99 a month, you can also get WOW! cable internet and digital VoIP landline phone service.

Astonishing internet technology!

WOW! allows you to rent a modem/router from them for $14.00 a month, or you can buy your own compatible third-party equipment that works with WOW! It’s well worth the investment to have your own modem/router if you’re going to be with WOW! for more than a year.

For an additional $9.99 a month, WOW! offers Eero whole-home mesh Wi-Fi. As an introduction, mesh Wi-Fi is a type of range extender, but it doesn’t look as distinct Wi-Fi sites, thus you’re always part of the same network when using one. Even though they’re great for bigger houses, this is yet another item you could buy instead of rent if you wanted to.

Amazing offers and promotions.

The WOW! internet service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free installation, and Visa prepaid gift cards to new clients. There are no long-term contracts with WOW’s plans.

Is WOW! worth the money?

WOW! is a great offer if you live in an area where it’s available. The pricing are reasonable, and the speeds are fast. In certain circumstances, WOW! Internet is less expensive than cable Internet. In contrast to other services, WOW! doesn’t need you to sign a long-term commitment, which is a significant plus.

The cable TV bundles offered by WOW! are serviceable, and we appreciate the fact that WOW! utilizes third-party outsourcing. More options are always a good thing, and WOW’s four live streaming TV suggestions are no exception (in addition to Hulu + Live TV and AT&T TV NOW, know that they are also accessible).

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