The Challenges of Movie Production

The Challenges of Movie Production


Every movie production is unique, and producers must be prepared to handle the challenges and obstacles that are sure to come up. As technology changes and the possibilities for settings and special effects increase, the potential for problems continues to grow.

Bad Weather

What do you do when you’ve planned to shoot outside, but you have rain instead of blue skies? Many producers have to move their shoot into a cover set. This basically means filming interior shots and hoping for better weather later on. Producers, such as Heather Parry, a film and TV executive producer, have a lot of experience rolling through these challenges.

Stubborn Stars

There are times when the actress or actor refuses to say the written dialogue. When this happens, the producer has to work with screenwriters who are hopefully willing to rewrite their work. However this scenario plays out, it’s still necessary to make up for lost time in the end.

Mistakes in the Details

Hold on! Are there tomatoes on that medieval set? During this time period, people believed tomatoes were poisonous. Would potatoes be okay? Producers need to be well-versed in historical facts and other factors that could lead to a major faux pas, such as the presence of automobiles in the background of a famous William Wallace battle.

Film Editing

With multiple cameras running and an endless number of shots taking up all that digital storage, finding narrowing down the options can take a lot of time. Add to that the difficulties of working with emerging technology and you have some very difficult work to do. Yet producers willing sign up for this challenge!

Watching a Project Fall Through

It isn’t unusual for productions to be put on hold or postponed. With so many people and factors involved, there’s always the risk that a production won’t actually become a movie. Many producers opt to work on more than one project at a time to avoid going hungry.

From the first kick-off to the completion of a film, movie production isn’t for the faint of heart. The struggles that await are many and varied. Potential producers must be as prepared to press forward bravely as their movie heroes.

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