Best Exercises For Knee Pain And Pain Relief

Best Exercises For Knee Pain And Pain Relief

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People usually like to do their favorite activities daily. Whether you are a daily walker, athlete, or weekend warrior, you can still get knee pain. It induces a kink in all of your favorite activities.

Knee pain is not uncommon. More than 18 million people visit doctors every year for knee pain. Tendinitis, overuse, osteoarthritis, sprained knee ligaments, bursitis, and meniscus tears cause knee pain in you. The great news is that you can recover from knee pain using several ways.

You can do some strengthening and stretching exercises that are good for your knee pain. We have mentioned the best practical exercises that can help to reduce the intensity of pain and strengthen your knee.

Knee Pain And Exercise

Strengthening and stretching exercises help you to reduce the pain if arthritis, injury, or surgery caused pain in the knee. These exercises improve the range of motion and your knee’s flexibility. It may seem unreasonable to exercise an injured knee.

But in reality, exercise is good for your knee. Keeping it in one position can induce pain and stiffness. It also makes it tough to fulfill the activities of daily life. Strengthening and stretching exercises provide strength to your muscles that support the joint of the knee.

Strong muscles lower the stress on your knee, and your joint moves more quickly. Do the following exercises and stretches four to five times in one week.

Calf And Heel Stretch

Calf and heel stretch targets the muscles of the lower leg, specifically muscles of your calf. Stand straight while facing a wall to do this stretch. Place both hands on the wall. Try to move back at the distance of one foot.

You can move far if you are comfortable. Your toes should be forward on both feet. Keep the heels flat. Bend your knee slowly. Lean into a slight stretch and try to hold it for the time duration of just 30 seconds. You should feel that your back leg has a stretch.

Change the legs, and after that, repeat this exercise. Do this stretch two times for both of your legs.

Quadriceps Stretch

This stretch works to target your quadriceps, the muscle present at the front of the thighs. Quadriceps stretch improves flexibility in your flexor, quadricep, and muscles of the hip. Stand in front of the wall to do this stretch. You can also take the support of a chair.

Your feet should be apart at the distance of shoulder width. Bend a knee, and your foot will move up towards the area of your glutes. Grab the ankle and pull it toward the glutes slightly. Move it towards glutes if you feel comfortable. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Return to the previous starting position. Change the leg and try to repeat this stretch two times on each leg.

Half Squat

It is the best way to provide strength to your hamstring, glutes, and quadriceps. You don’t have to strain the knees in this exercise. Take a squat standing position with the help of feet shoulder-width apart. In front of you, place the hands on your hips so you can maintain a balance.

Squat down about ten inches while looking straight. The halfway point to the You can say a full squat—the pause of a few seconds. Now, stand up slightly by pushing through the heels. Repeat this exercise ten times after taking gaps.

Calf Raises

This exercise is used to improve the strength of the lower legs. It also includes the muscles of your calf. Stand with the feet shoulder-width distance. 

Hold on to the chair back to get support or position yourself in front of the wall. Lift both of your heels upside the ground and stand on your footballs. After this, lower your heels slightly to the previous position. 

If you want to strengthen your calf muscles, then control is important in case you are using this exercise. Try to repeat the exercise ten times a week.

Hamstring Curl

This exercise works to target your glutes and hamstrings. It would help if you had good strength to keep your hips and upper body steady. Stand in front of the wall and take the support of a chair. Your feet should always be hip-width apart in this exercise. 

Lift to the distance of one foot up and bend the knee. After this, raise the heel toward the ceiling. Go as far as it’s possible for you. But still, keep your hips, and upper body pointed forward. Hold this position for the time duration of five to ten seconds.

Relax and back to the previous position. Repeat the exercise ten times in two to three sets for each leg.

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