The Tremendous 3 Bollywood Movies You Will Surely Love

The Tremendous 3 Bollywood Movies You Will Surely Love


Are you a Bollywood buff? Do you watch movies regularly? There are plenty of genres of movies that you can check out once you explore a little. Moreover, you might have a wonderful and uplifting time watching them and having great fun.

The arena of Indian cinema is extremely enormous and, quite frankly, overwhelming, that picking the finest Bollywood movies appears to be a challenging task.   Of course, in case you have never really tried to dig into the diversity in the best or top movies of Bollywood then you are at the right place. You might find a list of all the movies here that you should definitely watch. For now, have a look at three tremendous Bollywood movies that are sure to stun you.

  1. Hum AapkeHainKoun…! (1994)

This is a good and relatable movie and it was directed by Sooraj R Barjatya and the movie features Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan and Tuffy. The movie is a musical romance it was a 1990s blockbuster and it was seemingly responsible for audiences in India and away returning to Bollywood after a sweeping drop in attendance in the 1980s because of video piracy and disenchantment with the unpolished action films of that age. The movie has a constant and decent story and keeps the audience fastened to the screen till the end. The movie leaves everyone charmed for sure. If you haven’t watched it you must do watch this movie now. And if you have watched this flick, you would not mind watching it over and over.

  1. Bobby (1973)

Okay no matter you are a product of this generation or the previous one, this movie has to be watched by you. This is a movie that was directed by Raj Kapoor and it has Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia. It is a romance flick that will take you on a romantic ride. Rich Hindu teen-age lad Raja (Kapoor) falls for Bobby (Kapadia), the sixteen -year-old beautiful granddaughter of his Catholic nanny. Once his snobby parents object to this ‘friendship’, the young lovers took the decision to abscond. This is a milestone film that was a resounding accomplishment as the audiences in India had rarely ever watched teenage love expressed so dramatically on screen.  You would find everything from romantic talks to love, to designer dress up to halter tees in this movie. The story would definitely win your mood.

  1. Veer-Zaar (2004)

This is an iconic movie that was directed by Yash Chopra and features Shahrukh Khan, PreityZinta, Rani Mukherji and even the genre of this movie is romance. This has been a revolutionary musical romance on an epic level.  Is the love that Indian Hindu Veer (Khan) and Pakistani Muslim known as Zaara (Zinta) feel for each other is going to surpass cross-cultural, emotional and even that of physical borders? Chopra wears his trademark ‘chiffon sari in Swiss Alps’ chic whereas including liberal political and that of social messages about Indo-Pak unity, the rights of females, incompetent justice and even hope for the future.  The flick is a complete entertainment with a strong plot, stunning music and acting. The gorgeous scenes, the lively environments and the rift amidst societies of India and Pakistan have romantically been employed in this movie.


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