Ram Chary Everi- Strategies to Consider for a Successful Logo Design

Ram Chary Everi- Strategies to Consider for a Successful Logo Design


A logo is more than letters placed together to spell out your business brand. It is, in fact, one of the most identifiable images of your company’s brand that aids the consumer to make an informed choice, especially when they buy something from you. Logos resonate with the targeted audience, and they give off the right vibes if they are created well. 

Ram Chary Everi is from Boston and is a leading graphic designer and photographer. He has been busy with his business and is not busy creating his portfolio. He is open to covering events and taking promotional photographs of products. In his opinion, he still has a lot to learn and takes the opportunity to grab every opportunity that comes his way. 

When he is not busy with events, he likes to head to the North East to fish for tuna in his free time. According to him, tuna fishing gets quite competitive in his state as there are several bodies of water all around. However, he takes on fishing to clear his head. When he was young, his father and grandfather took him out on trips, and now he is old enough to go on his own and do the same things. He takes this time out to gather his thoughts and recharge himself to focus well on his work.

Combining color, topography, and iconic shapes 

In his opinion, logo design refers to combining color, topography, and iconic shapes to make a unique identity for the business brand. One should also look into the history and meaning placed on the above elements to create a memorable, strong, and timeless logo. 

The logo should stand for what the business does 

A good logo works and stands out from the other business brands when it is simple. It should have the fitting symbolism and represent your service and products correctly. In the beginning, the logo you design will not invoke the desired impression. However, according to Ram Chary Everi, it should be created professionally so that the audience gets the right vibes and trust. You should market your logo to the targeted audience to register it on their minds. When they keep seeing your logo all the time, they can relate to it. In this manner, they can connect with your business brand with the logo. They do not have to think twice before making the purchase. 

Last but not least, you need to be creative with everything you already have. Once you have already established what your business brand does, you need to develop something catchy and straightforward. The suitable logo embodies the correct message about the product or service represented so that people start buying them with success! While everyone might not notice it at first, those who do should be eager to purchase the product or the service you offer. And that is how the brand progresses further.

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