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For smartphone users, the name of the play store is not new. It is the place where one can find thousands of apps that can be used for different activities. ForAndroid users, it is believed that this is the only place where one can find various apps and get the activities done on the same. However, for the android, there are also some other platforms where one can find the best apps that can be installed on a smartphone. In such case, the best example is 9apps which is known as a platform not recognized by Android, but it has got some of the fabulous apps that can help the user get the best experience of using the apps for the concerned purpose.

The app, namely vidmate, is one of the popular apps in the world of video download apps. However, it is not there on the Android, but it runs well on the smartphone that can make one get any video from any platform if the provided link for the same is correct.

How does it work?

The vidmate is a simple app which can be easily downloaded from the site of the 9apps. The 9apps is a site cum store where one can find thousands of such apps which may not be there on the play store also. This app vidmate is considered as one of the best apps that one can use to have the videos downloaded. This app is not recognized by Android, and hence, the moment one installs it, the system shows potential hazard to the device, but one need not worry and ignore the same.

How to get the app?

To avail this app the only option is to visit the official site of 9apps. Here one can see the link for downloading this app. One needs to click on the same, and it will get downloaded to the device automatically.  It may take some minutes for the system to have the app on the device. One does not need to go for any process as it will be installed on the device on its own. Once the app of vidmate is installed, one can start using the same immediately. Go for Vidmate app download install new version to enjoy latest features.

Get the videos on the device easily:

Once the app is ready, it is easy to get the concerned vide on the device in a few minutes. One just needs to find the link of the concerned video which he wants to download on the device. Here one must note that if the link is not right, the app will not be able to help and it will show an error. If the link is correct it, after pasting the link, the app will find the video from the concerned platform and pull it to the device. Here, one can also go for the quality setting of the video as the app offers such options. The user may see the video on the device in a folder created by the app and enjoy as and when one wants it.

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