Eugene Bernshtam- What Are the Top Traits That Every Architect Should Have?

Eugene Bernshtam- What Are the Top Traits That Every Architect Should Have?

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If one aspires to be a good architect, there are some personality traits that he should have. Being a professional architect is no simple task. However, it is a wise choice for a career as it pays you well, and there are several growth opportunities as well. It would help if you were ready to work very hard and put in a lot of effort, hard work, and determination. Being an architect is very exciting, and there are many fantastic opportunities for you to work with several companies and learn several things. 

Eugene Bernshtam is a project manager residing in the USA. He is an architect and an artist and a fan of design, entrepreneurship, and music, interested in movies and arts. According to him, if you want to become a professional architect today, you should make your own lasting and meaningful contributions to the world’s architecture to help shape communities and the society you serve. Being an architect entails a lot of accountabilities, so not everyone is fit for this career as one needs to be good with technical skills, be multi-faceted and be good with complexities. 

A unique mix of qualities and skills are needed 

To become a suitable candidate for this career, new architects must develop a specific mix of skills and qualities. Given below are some of these qualities that will help you become a successful architect and make you stand out from the crowd with success- 

  1. Master the numbers correctly-Modern architecture is based on the rules and the boundaries of maths. If you are great with numbers, you have a high chance of attaining your career goals. It would help if you had a good understanding of the principles of maths, especially geometry and algebra, as they will help you go a long way in achieving your career goals. This is one of the basic requirements in job interviews for the post. 
  1. Stay creative– Architecture revolves around creativity. This means you should be really creative and equally productive simultaneously. Many modern professionals have to design structures that have state-of-the-art looks that take the levels of aesthetics to whole new heights. So, here, you should be both creative and imaginative simultaneously. It would help if you were constantly innovative to make the designs you create memories. 
  1. Your design skills should be impeccable– You need to have impeccable design skills in architecture. Many beginners make the grave mistake that creating something beautiful is all you need in architecture. However, this is not true. You have to be practical and viable at the same time. The ideas you have should be suited to your clients’ needs and demands. 

Eugene Bernshtam believes that the only way to become impeccable in creation is to have a good and sophisticated comprehension of the whole design process. This helps you blend the functionality of the structure you create with the visual appeal without sacrificing both.

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