5 5 Tips to Recover From a Spine Surgery

5 Tips to Recover From a Spine Surgery

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We all know that our spine is the backbone of the body. It gives your body the support that it needs to stand still and work. And the importance of the spine is understood when a person undergoes surgery, a spine surgery. Any kind of surgery requires a lot of effort and extra strength from the patient to recover. 

Once a patient is back from the spine surgery center it is very important to allow your spine to heal by giving it the proper rest, consuming healthy food options, getting proper sleep, and participating in the activities as instructed by the surgeon. 

The best spine surgeon in Karachi says that it takes extra effort for smooth and quick recovery so that a patient can get back to normal life and can perform daily life activities. The number one piece of advice here is to listen to your surgeon and follow his advice. But some of the best ways that you can use to treat your spine after surgery are mentioned below. 

  1. Pain Management

After the surgery, it is very common to feel pain in the spine. For that, you must follow the pain management medication prescribed by the doctor. Make sure that you take all the pain killers on time and don’t miss your doses in-between. If you are in more pain then don’t rush for taking more medicines, rather discuss your dose with the doctor and then take your medicines. 

There are also other ways that can help you in reducing the pain felt after the surgery. This can include, short rest periods, exercise, massage, and gentle use of a heating pad.

  1. Daily Activities

It is okay to start walking as often as you can after taking permission from your doctor. Walk, in a way that you start to increase your distance slowly and gradually every day. Walking is the best form of exercise that can help you increase your muscle strength and tone them at the same time. It is also advised to avoid all the activities that require you to twist, bend, or lift more than 5 pounds. Don’t indulge yurself in pulling or pushing heavy weigt objects. 

It is better for the patient to avoid sitting or standing for too long. It is again very important to stay in contact with your surgeon when you are taking part in different activities. Because performing diffeent activities works different for every single perosn. Some people cannot even walk after the surgery, while others can perform other activities easily. 

  1. Body Cleaning

You surgeon can guide you well as to when to take a bath and how to keep the incision clean and free f infections. It is however recommended to keep the skin around the wound or the incision clean and dry atleast 4 days after the surgery. 

Do not use water or other liquids by yourself to clean the wound. Avoid using bath tubs until you are fully healed and use them only if your doctors advice you to. It is essential however t o keep te aea of the incision clean and free of germs. Make sure that you don’t touch your area of the incision and avoid contact of your hands. In this way, you not only keep the area of the stitches safe but also keep the stitches away from breaking and striping off. 

  1. How to Sit After the Surgery

Sitting can put a lot of pressure on your back and the spine. Your spine might give you the indication on as to how much weight it can take while you keep sitting. The surgeon can also advice you different ways, as in sitting and then getting up after every half an hour for 10 minutes.  

In the healing period it is not recommended to take long car rides and sit for longer hours. It is also said that while sitting, the knees must be higher then the hips. Fr using toilet, it is advised to use a raised toilet seat that can fit on top of your toilet seat.

  1. Physical Therapy

You can also go for physical therapy after the surgery but only on the advise of your doctor. Physical activities do help you in recovering fast byut physical therapy makes a lot of differnece as it is done by the professionals. To cure your spine properly, it is important to go for physical therapy after asking your doctor. 

It is never advised to start looking fpr a physical therapist rigyt after the surgery.


Spine is a very sensitive part of the body and its care must be done in the best way possible, specially aftr a surgical procedure. It is always suggested to follow the recommendations and advices of your doctor for a quick and smooth recovery.

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