8 Pet-Friendly Attributes to Include In Your Kitchen Remodel

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Your pet dog is your best friend. Your pet cat is your continuous buddy. So if you’re pondering a cooking area remodel, does not it make good sense to factor in your furry good friends?

With our years of experience making kitchens, we have actually discovered that if you have pet dogs, you’ll be happier with the completion result of your cooking area remodel if you think of just how Fluffy as well as Fido make use of the area, too

Initially, that might sound horrendous– after all, your cat doesn’t cook and your pet does not do the meals. However, these pet-friendly concepts are quite sensible as well as can assist declutter and also streamline your kitchen area.

Incorporate these pet-friendly kitchen area suggestions to make your area best:

1: Integrated Dog Bed or Pet Crate

You can create a gorgeous, streamlined kitchen and after that plop a huge pet crate or bed down in the corner. Or, you can build that pet dog cage or bed into the design so it’s both available as well as cosmetically pleasing.

2: Pull-out/Hidden Food and Water Dishes

Food and water dishes are a necessary kitchen accessory when you’re a pet proprietor– however, you do not necessarily want them crowding up your space. As well as the number of times have you inadvertently knocked over the dog’s water bowl?! When you’re planning your kitchen redesign, ask your developer to create a place for your family pet’s food as well as water meals, so they’re semi-hidden or can be tucked away when not being used.

3: Laminate Flooring

Make it easier to keep your kitchen looking brand-new– pick laminate flooring. It’s simple to clean as well as does not reveal scrapes. Darker timbers will certainly reveal hair, so go with lighter wood if your pet sheds.

4: Rugs or Joggers

If you have a large space, choose a rug or jogger to the area in an area where you will not mind your pet dog or pet cat curling up as well as relaxing. This can assist keep them in sight, however not underfoot. It can additionally assist shield floorings and also maintain smaller animals from slipping on floor surfaces (while laminate is a fantastic option, it can be unsafe for little paws).

When you’re choosing a rug or jogger, bear in mind that you’ll want something that can be quickly cleaned or spot cleaned and that darker colors will certainly reveal pet fur greater than lighter shades.

5: Pet-friendly Surfaces and also Surfaces

While you could enjoy the appearance of a fall countertop and high-gloss cabinets, think about just how they’ll look covered in paw as well as nose prints left by your fuzzy pal. If you do not intend to clean constantly, developed countertops as well as discolored or painted closets are better bets.

6: Pull-out garbage can

Maintain pets secure as well as reduce your possibilities of having to cleanse a large mess: include pull-out garbage and also recycling bins under your cupboards.

7: Kitchen area Equipment

When you’re choosing cooking area equipment, steer clear of anything with sharp sides or corners. Select handles over pulls, to make sure that paws can not obtain captured, and avoid polished surfaces, so you’re not constantly cleaning them.

8: Safe Cleaning Products

After you’ve completed your kitchen redesign, you’ll want to maintain it appearing brand-new. Lots of cleaning products aren’t pet-friendly, though, so take a couple of minutes to revamp your cleansing supplies and use just pet-friendly cleaners, like these. As well as if you believe that you don’t require to worry about what you utilize to clean your kitchen area counters, this photo will certainly remind you of what you currently believe your feline does when you’re gone!

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