Where to use the BRNO Chair?

Where to use the BRNO Chair?

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Over the years, the BRNO chair has built an iconic fame around itself. It’s sleek, highly sophisticated, and largely used in residential projects. But why should that be the limits of how and where this chair is used? If you want to break some boundaries with the BRNO chair, here are 5 ideas on where you can use it:

  1. Staring at the salon


The most unexpected place to feature the BRNO chair may as well be a beauty salon, but surprisingly, it works really well! The sleek design and sculptural form of this chair look absolutely pragmatic when used in this context. You can take a look at these images and see for yourself. The chairs suit the work layout of a salon with aptness and grace!

  1. Restaurants ahoy


The BRNO chair has been an icon throughout the ages, and this can be proven by the fact that it was used in the landmark Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram building. Designed by Phillip-Johnson, the restaurant may have closed its doors after 57 years, but the great use of the BRNO chair remains pretty impressive. Even today, this chair can be used in many a restaurant design settings. It’s as sleek and graceful as ever, which fits the bill quite well in the modern fine dining landscape.

  1. Extra sitting area


If you’ve ever had a home office or study room, you’d know the importance of some extra sitting space all around. Having the BRNO chair put aside could make a lot of functional and stylish difference in such spaces. You don’t have to place it the center of the space, but it can still look very iconic and impressive even when it has been placed in the corner.

  1. In an executive office


The BRNO chair would look amazing in an executive or corporate office setting. It’s got that stylishly sculptural form that looks amazing in a sleek and officious setting. You can also set it up in a home study room. This image features a great example of how you can use this chair in an executive room. It seamlessly complements the rest of the furniture and especially goes well with the glass accessories.

  1. Waiting rooms, etcetera


The BRNO chair is also an excellent way to furnish small waiting areas – especially ones that are designed outside of medium sized corporate offices. However, a group of these chairs can also be placed in small lobbies and reception areas. They’d definitely add a vibe of upscale stylishness to the whole setting. If you’re wondering how you’d be able to pull it off, then just take a look at this image. The beige-on-beige aesthetic looks absolutely stunning, and is calming as well.

So, these are some great ways that you can utilize the austere looks and modernist aesthetics of the BRNO chair in various spaces. We hope that this list gives you a better idea on how to style different spaces with this chair!

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