7 Recommendation Cheap Hotels in Singapore for holiday 


When you go on vacation to Singapore, you must be thinking about the cost of lodging, which is quite expensive. This time, finding cheap best hotels in Singapore is no longer difficult. The reason is almost every city in Singapore must always provide a pocket-friendly hotel for visitors who will visit Singapore.

Tourists often visit Singapore with the highest number of visitors globally as a tourist destination. You need information that summarizes lodging with relatively cheap rates and the best, of course.

Therefore, we have summarized some of the cheapest hotels in Singapore, which will save you even more on your trip to Singapore.

Zen Rooms Jinshan

This hotel is located on Trengganu Street, Singapore. This hotel offers pretty low lodging prices and can be rented hourly or daily.

This hotel also has many branches in Singapore, such as in Lavender, Jurong East, Somerset, and the closest to Changi Airport, namely Arab Street.

Lucky Plaza

This lodging place, similar to an apartment, is located on Orchard Road and offers a relatively low price of lodging per night. Not only cheap but this place is also located quite close to famous shopping centers in Singapore.

This place offers approximately 70 rooms, which have been equipped with several complete facilities, for the price of lodging in its class. So that from these fairly full facilities, visitors will improve their staycation experience when visiting Singapore.

York Hotel

Then one of the hotels that are cheap enough to stop at when you visit Singapore is the York Hotel. This hotel is located in the Mount Elizabeth area, specifically in the business area and downtown Singapore.

Even though it is located in the city center, the price offered by this place to spend the night is relatively cheap. Besides being cheap, this place is also equipped with many complete facilities.

Summer Tavern

When you visit the Clark Quay district, you may have heard of the Summer Tavern hotel. This place provides lodging rooms that are pretty comfortable and cheap.

Only by reaching into your pocket for 16.85 Singapore Dollars can you already get room to spend the night at this place, with pretty complete facilities, and you will also get breakfast.

Cozzie Lodge

This place is one of the most suitable places to visit Singapore. This place is quite strategic, only about 900 meters from MRT Kallang. Not only that, but this hotel is also quite close to Kampong Glan and Parko Bugis Junction.

So you can enjoy a pleasant trip with a fairly low lodging price. Again, you have to reach your pocket for 16.85 Singapore Dollars to stay at this place, with really complete facilities and excellent of course.

Footprints Hostel

Footprints hostel received good reviews from visitors. One of the reasons is because this hostel is in a strategic location where it only takes you 6 minutes to walk to the Metro Station or about 3 km from Garden by the Bay.

Betel Box Hostel

Betel Box Hostel is one of the hostels that are quite clean and comfortable to live in. These conveniences have received value from the number of visitors who have reviewed this place.

This hotel’s location is quite far from the MRT station, but it is possible that you can take a walk to the nearest MRT station. You only need to reach into your pocket for 17 Singapore Dollars every night for the price itself.

Each lodging booking site is different. For example, the rates listed on TripAdvisor for eleven hostels start from Rp. 150 thousand to Rp. 200 thousand. You can change the rates at any time. Before staying at the hostel, compare the hostel prices with various existing hotel booking applications!

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