What is Strandhogg 2.2 exploit?

What is Strandhogg 2.2 exploit?


If you have recently downloaded a new Android app, chances are it contained the strandhogg bug. This malicious code infects an application and forces it to continuously loop a malicious script. At first, the app just appears to slow down, but it will eventually lead to a crash.

This malware is especially dangerous because it can spread to all applications in your phone and damage them. Luckily for you, there is one simple step you can take right now to ensure that strandhogg cannot affect your device in any way: uninstalling the offending app.

What Is The Strandhogg Bug?

The strandhogg bug was created by the hacker group “Loapi” (Local Operating Platform for Independent App Developers). This group creates this destructive malware for fun and profit.

The strandhogg bug is a malicious string of text that is published on various websites on the internet. These websites are generally used to distribute cracked apps, but it doesn’t hurt to check your phone’s downloads from time to time either. You’ll want to check these sites though since they can change their location without notification, which leads to many users thinking they’ve gotten a legit download when in fact it has nothing to do with their phone at all.

What exactly is strandhogg?

 It is a line of code that has been injected into the app you’ve downloaded, though it’s all quite complicated. A victim will likely not notice anything suspicious until their device has been affected. Then, they might notice their battery life drain quickly, or their phone becoming very hot (or they could also just assume this is normal since it’s already an old device). The strandhogg bug isn’t something you would necessarily think to be checking for with an app; after all, it looks like just another line of code!

Why Does Strandhogg Affect Android Devices?

Android devices are the primary targets of this strandhogg bug. Within the application, there is a line of code that says “setContentView(this,”). This statement is not only dangerous, but it can also be easily inserted into any tutorial app. Luckily, Android users are not entirely alone in this situation; there are other applications that run on these devices that also have the strandhogg bug.

As you can tell by now, uninstalling the strandhogg app and just deleting it from your phone will help. However, since you downloaded the app from the internet (which may not be updating weekly), it may take a while to completely purge the strandhogg infection from your phone. If you have any other apps you downloaded from the internet that have this virus, be diligent about looking for the strandhogg bug in those too!

How To Remove Strandhogg From Your Android Phone

If you do find one of these apps and uninstalled it (or if your phone has been completely infected with strandhogg bugs and are facing permanent damage), here is how to get rid of them:

Open up “Settings” on your phone.  Hit “Security” to change some important security settings. Click on “Applications.” Scroll down to see all apps that are installed on your device. Click on “manage applications.” Under “installed” click on the application. Scroll down to see all related apps that have the strandhogg bug. Click on “uninstall.”

After you uninstall the strandhogg app, any new apps you download after that point will be safe from its harmful effects. This process only removes the application, not your personal information or anything else saved in it. You will need to take further steps to protect yourself from these malicious programs. If you’ve already been infected, change your internet settings and make sure to always check .apk files before installing them from unknown websites.

If your Android device has been infected with the strandhogg bug, you may want to consider saving all of your information in a safe place as well. You’ll want to save all of your contacts, text messages and other important files on this device, just in case it crashes or otherwise becomes unusable. That way, you don’t lose everything! You can read more about how to backup your Android phone here: How To Backup & Restore Your Android Smartphone .

It’s important to keep your phone safe and secure from malicious apps, like the strandhogg bug, and change your settings with caution. However, it’s also important to avoid potentially harmful programs on the internet too. 

What is a bug?

Time-consuming bugs and crashes are affecting android phones worldwide. A few days ago the number of google phone customers who had this problem increased by 800%. The first symptom is usually met with a blinking red notification on your device’s screen followed by an instant shutdown. People report that pulling the battery or plugging the phone in doesn’t fix it, but there are some great new fixes and apps coming out everyday to help android users deal with this major issue. Some of the top free apps that work on your android phones are listed below.

When Google first introduced their revolutionary android phone, there were a few glitches here and there that caused a little bit of frustration for users. The company recently revealed how many bugs are still in their phones by answering letters from android owners, giving a worldwide update on the amount of new devices stopping by.

Many users have contacted Google about complaints about problems with their android devices from overheating to failing to connect to cellular networks to frozen screens. Android devices released after September 2013 will usually receive bug fixes and security updates within the next two years. Each manufacturer is asked whether they’re still fixing minor bugs they discover in the device.


When you download your apps from the internet, make sure that the website is legitimate and familiar. You can use websites like Google Play or Amazon to download apps you know are safe. These sites have stringent rules and regulations on what they will allow in their app marketplaces, helping to ensure that you’re getting a safe product every time. If you must check unknown websites for an app, find reviews and testimonials before downloading it to learn more about its safety. Appsealing is the place to buy big fixing softwares.

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