Various Attributes of Chefs Uniform

Various Attributes of Chefs Uniform


Nowadays, chef uniforms aren’t just a part of the appearance of a professional chef, the chef’s uniform has been given a twist of numerous fashionista styles and variations to make it a simple yet stylish clothing option. From chef coats to cool vent technology, numerous types of chef uniforms are designed by the experts to bring ease and style in the kitchen.

Chef coats, pants, and other parts of the uniform are now made with highly durable and soft materials as the chef has to spend a long shift under the heated environment of a kitchen. Thus, chef uniforms are now being designed according to functionality, versatility, and practicality. Even the traditional white color of the chef’s coat has been traded with grey, black, or other brand-oriented colors.

High-quality techniques are used in chef uniforms by the manufacturers. But, professional manufacturers have mostly been focusing on the following prominent attributes of the chef uniforms.

Chef Coat and Shirt

Chefs have a lineup of dual breasted chef coats aligned in multiple shades to pick from. However, the two shaded white chef coats with the piping of color matching the logo brand is the most popular style in a kitchen. A chef coat is typically snap closed with double zips that make taking off and wearing chef jackets very easy, to provide comfort and ease to the chefs.

There was a time when the cooking profession was dominated by men, but today women have also been breaking their leg in the kitchen. This is why unisex snap closure chef coats are being designed with kimono style along with padded technology. The floral and colorful material is also becoming a big part of trends relating to chef’s coats in 2020.

To encompass both the personal and professional look, numerous kitchens now have tailored-made customized chef jackets without cuffs, collars, and adjustable sleeves as per the chef’s style. Some informal kitchens have included chef tees in replacement of the chef’s coat.

Chef Pants

Traditional checkered pants are still a prominent part of a chef’s uniform but a new style of durable and washable materials is now being used to design trendy chef pants. The baggy chef pants with a variety of colors and patterns are becoming a popular style too. Some workplaces also have jogger-style pants in the chef’s uniforms which bring ease in the movement and offer sheer comfort. Although, chefs who like to keep their tools handy always prefer to wear cargo style pants with multiple pockets. Few of the fashionable chefs have even brought denim and canvas back into the kitchen.

Chef Hats

The puffy and oversized chef hats are now available in multiple styles and colors. The monotony of white chef hat has been broken by multiple hued hats – from black to grey – you have a variety of chef hat shades available to choose from. Moreover, it’s not even compulsory to wear traditional hats anymore.

Today, chefs can cover their heads as they please, they can use Pillbox chef hat, Velocity Visors Coolmax Chef Visor, Chef Beret, bandanas, baseball caps, stretchable hair bands, and the list goes on. Chef’s hats have changed a lot in recent years, they can even wear different styles of chef hats daily.

Chef Shoes

No uniform is complete without comfortable and durable shoes. Chefs have to stay on their feet all day and that is why comfortable and anti-slippery serve as two vital requirements of chef shoes. The chef shoes have transformed from formal lace-tied shoes to clogs to anti-slippery to Oxford lace-ups. Some chefs prefer to wear air cushion based sports shoes for extra comfort. Chefs are at complete liberty to choose their footwear in accordance with their style and comfort.


The last but highly integral part of a chef’s uniform is an apron. Chefs wear an apron over their chef coat so that the sticky stains don’t damage their uniform. Chefs need to work in a busy kitchen and avoiding stains can be impossible sometimes. Thus, they wear a stylish apron to protect other layers of their uniform. The apron is also a part of the style statement for chefs.

Chef’s uniform has changed a lot in the last few years – from color to style – it has evolved into a style statement. Thus, when you want to find a perfect uniform for your culinary staff, you need to make a purchase from the best chef uniforms store only. You can even shop for trendy chef uniforms online now!

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