Self Feeding Spoon and Fork Set

Self Feeding Spoon and Fork Set


That is a great question and we have the answer, let’s start with the utensils. The Self Feeding Spoon and Fork Set made by eZtotZ is one of the best baby spoon and fork sets available. One reason the self-feeding utensil set stands apart from the rest is the choke barrier built into the design. The choke barrier is at the end of the grasping rod of the utensil, which prevents the spoon or fork from entering completely into the child’s mouth which greatly reduces the chance of choking. The leading causes of injury and death for children less than 1 year of age according to the CDC is choking / suffocating.  Whether that be on food or anything that is small enough to fit into their mouth.

The baby spoon and fork set are dishwasher safe while also being made with BPA free plastic, BPA is an industrial chemical that has been shown to cause possible health concerns specifically towards infants and children. The Self Feeding Spoon And Fork Set is proudly and safely made in the USA (USA! USA! USA!) .

Another great benefit of the eZtotZ baby utensils are the fine motor skill developed during feeding time. According to Parent’s Magazine letting your child do things by herself is a must and it allows her to practice her skills and promotes independence. The size of the utensils fit perfectly into any child’s hands making it easy to use the spoon or fork properly and safely, which aids in baby led weaning.

So to answer the question “when can my baby start self feeding” we suggest relying on expert guidance and assessing your child’s development. So for solid food introduction the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests around 6 months of age. By that age, most babies are able to sit up by themselves and grab and hold onto objects.

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