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Pregnancy, a woman’s most important stage in life where she prepares herself for the ultimate creation of her baby and bring the baby to the world, is a term used to describe the total period of that more or less 40 weeks period as measured from her last menstrual period to delivery. Almost all health care providers divided the pregnancy period into three distinguished segments called trimester as each week of pregnancy includes a description of the baby’s development with an explanation of the changes that takes place in the body of the baby. From week 1 to week 12 it is first, 13th to 26thits second and from 27th to the end of the pregnancy its third.


Generally, during the pregnancy, one may find a number of annoying issues which might not be so frightful but need some serious attention to get rid of any unwanted situations. These problems might involve cramps, and other physical disturbance and most commonly the back or any muscle pain. While it’s usually not a problem for the pregnant women and their babies it can cause serious consequences. Especially in the early stages during pregnancy the ligaments in the woman’s body gradually become softer and stretch to prepare her for labor, which in turn can put a strain on the joints of the lower back or any muscle and pelvis causing back or any muscle pain.


There are many ways that can keep a woman far or relieved from back or any muscle pain which includes standing up and straight and tall, avoiding locking your knees, keeping the shoulder relaxed, exercising as per the doctor’s guidance and other common many methods. But, the idea that is grabbing the would be mothers’ attention fast is taking a sauna treatment for fast relief. The thought of soaking the body in the warmth of a sauna to help reduce back or any muscle pain or any other normal discomforts might sound wonderful but the consequences can be very dangerous. Thus pregnancy and sauna might be together but with high caution and restriction


According to many studies, the increased risk of birth defects in babies of the would be mothers’ happened due to her increased body temperature during first trimester of pregnancy as the babies exposed to the high temperatures (like those In sauna) experience serious brain and/or spinal cord complications and sometimes leads to serious birth defects or even to miscarriages. Thus using it in first semester is very risky. As there are various types of saunas and every single one is programmed to maintain certain temperature and humidity level, it is best to seek the advice of the doctors before opting it in pregnancy.


As, at 32nd week, the bones of the baby are soft and yet almost fully formed and they can open or close eyes too, the risk for getting affected by sudden increased heat may lead them to have severe defects. Thus making sauna in third trimester can be done with high security.

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