Learn About Seed Paper Used For Wedding Cards

Learn About Seed Paper Used For Wedding Cards


Seed papers can be planted in potting soil, and can also be grown and the paper will compost away. What will remain left behind are flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables?

All these can be considered as a literal translation of “Grow with Passion” – that will be appropriate for creating wedding cards.

Let’s try to learn a little more about such sheets of seed paper in this article.

How seed paper is manufactured?

This is a slow and quite laborious process to manufacture seed paper. Usually, they are made by hand. All its raw materials are recycled materials only. All these raw materials are initially soaked to create pulp or paste.

Then the paste will be mixed carefully with any seeds of your choice will be distributed evenly on a sleeve. Then they will be dried and even texture will be given.

What are the various applications of these seed papers?

Mostly these seed papers are used for creating, thank you cards, wedding cards, birthday cards and so forth.

How to plant seed paper?

The following are the 3 steps involved for planting these seed papers.

  1. Cover the plantable paper and then layer it by using soil in a pot where you will create a 1/8” layer of soil.
  2. Try to keep the paper and the soil damp all the while and dampness will be necessary for germination.
  3. Let it sprout and avoid putting too much water but keep it moist. Also, provide little sunlight too.

Does the seed paper come with an expiry date?

The span of the seed never expires, but they can become dormant after some time. To obtain the best germination, seed paper must be planted by 12 to 14 months. Also, it may grow even after that however the rate of germination may go down after 14 months.

If you want to use the seed paper for creating wedding cards, then you must print only 2 to 3 weeks before you distribute these cards.

Can we print on these seed papers by using a printer?

You can always print wedding cards by using seed paper by using your ink-jet printers however, it is not recommended for the following few reasons:

  1. Most of these handmade seed papers will have different thicknesses all throughout, and therefore these papers cannot easily pass through flattening rollers of the printer beyond a point, because due to much compression it may damage the seeds.
  2. Due to uneven paper thickness, it may result in getting all the papers jammed in the rollers of the printer, unless they can be carefully fed manually. This may result in many wastages of paper.
  3. After a point, your printer may generate a lot of heat, which may further damage all the seeds, and the seed may not germinate.
  4. Printer rollers may also cause seeds present on paper to get crushed.

However, to get a better result, you may prefer to use any top-loading type of inkjet printer, and make sure that your paper does not bend over itself while feeding the paper.

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