7 ways to check if a company is Genuine


Scams and frauds are the unfortunate aspects that might cause you to lose your money, confidential, and personal details like address, telephone number, etc. Thus any web user needs to be safe online and check for the reality and trustworthiness of a company before interacting or transacting with it. To prevent being misled into a scam, we have websites like Tofler that helps you to test the genuineness of any e-commerce website and company.

Here are seven ways to understand the reality and genuineness of any company.

1. Search for the company on Tofler: You need to enter the name, CIN or DIN of a company that you want to look up, and it would show you details like the year of establishment, address, contact details, financial details, and the current status of the company.  Under the “Company 360” by Tofler, you can look up several things, like litigation, directorships, credit rankings, financial history, network, and group structures, etc. to see and judge if a company is real or not.

Tofler also provides you with several blogs and articles about frauds and scams and how you can be safe from them.

2. Check the security of modes of payment: It is essential to check if a company accepts secure payment modes like PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm, etc. A company accepting payment through cash and paper cheques only is a red flag.

3. Visit the Official Webpage: From the official webpage you can get the contact details of any company (address, phone number, etc.) Realistic contact details would give you some sort of surety about its legitimacy.

4. Inquire at the local Chamber of Commerce: Before investing your hard-earned money, you must verify the contact details of the company. You can also do this via authorized websites of the government.

5. Better Business Bureau: If you’re doubtful about business in Mexico, Canada, or the United States, you can search up the company on Tofler. It is the most reputed and trustworthy non-profit organization that started with an aim to develop trust-based marketing.

6. Go through the Company’s Credit Report: This would provide you with a comprehensive record of the company’s finances, management, credit score, legal procedures, etc. You can get all of this at Tofler.

7. You can also visit the physical location of the company, which would be the best assurance of its presence and legitimacy.

Legitimacy and trust in business are crucial. But we have heard much news of scams and fraudsters that it becomes hard for anyone to believe the authenticity of any lucrative business. Tofler has provided solutions to this problem with its services, where you can find the full information of a company and its registration status in a single click.

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