Is it possible to trust home pregnancy tests?

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When you take a home pregnancy test it could be nerve cracking. The first response pregnancy test negative would really be a cause of worry as you are not sure whether you can test the results. There are bound to be some pitfalls with home pregnancy tests.

When is the right time to opt for a home pregnancy test?

Most of the home pregnancy tests suggest that they tend to be accurate from the first day of your last missed period. This could be even before as well. The results are bound to be more accurate if you wait to give the test after the first date of your missed period. All the more better if you get it performed after a week of your missed period.

Now why should you wait? The egg that is fertilized attaches itself to the uterine, and then the placenta goes on to form with the emergency of HCG hormone. This hormone makes an entry on to your urine along with blood stream. When you are in the early stage of pregnancy the concentration of HCG is at a rapid level. You could say that it tends to double in every couple of days. The earlier you tend to take the test the harder it becomes to detect the levels of HCG in your urine or blood. At the same time you need to be aware that the ovulation cycle tends to vary from one woman to another. The fertilized egg can reach out to the uterus at different times. This does has an impact on the production of HCG when it becomes visible.

It does become really important to figure out the pregnancy at the very moment. It would also depend on how far you have gone on to progress in the stage of pregnancy. The health care team may ask you to opt for an ultrasound at a clinic. A blood test can also be suggested to figure out the levels of HCG.

Are there different types of blood tests?

In case of most tests you end up dipping a stick into the sample of urine or it would be collection of urine. After a few minutes the dipstick would go on to showcase the results. But there are some pregnancy tests that tend to be more sensitive than others. Do check out the expiration along with the instructions before you go for the test.

Are most of the pregnancy tests accurate?

Research claims that most pregnancy tests claim to be 99 % accurate. But there is a different school  of thought that pregnancy tests are not sensitive in case of women who have gone on to miss a period. This pretty much connotes the situation of false negatives in case of first response. In order to ensure that you avail the best in terms of results a suggestion would be to wait till a week of your missed period. Then the results will be more or less accurate.

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