Which Type of Vehicle Cover Is Best for You: Custom vs Universal Vehicle Covers?

Which Type of Vehicle Cover Is Best for You: Custom vs Universal Vehicle Covers?


Your vehicle deserves protection, that’s quite clear. You are indeed aware that one of the finest methods to maintain a vehicle’s appearance is by utilising a cover. Yet how could you be certain that you’re receiving what your automobile requires when so many options are available? How would you know whether you’re receiving the best time is a crucial question.

The distinction between Custom vs Universal Vehicle Covers could interest you. Below are a few things you must understand in order to help you make a purchase option.

What Do You Actually Need – Custom vs Universal Vehicle Covers?

Vehicle coverings may be divided into three groups based on how well they fit: universal, custom, and semi-custom. The following is what sets one apart from another.

  • Universal Covers –

This can be adequate for you when you only need a cheap car covering that offers the bare minimum of protection. This will do the job if you leave your vehicle in a garage.  It can accommodate a wide variety of automobiles in various categories. But keep in mind, you always receive what you have paid for.

The price of these coverings won’t be high. They don’t, however, provide the same level of security as customized vehicle coverings. Given that they are sometimes constructed of weak materials, universal vehicle coverings are unlikely to be sufficient for external use. There is little water and scratch protection in them. If you decide to get one, be ready to change it frequently.

The majority of the time, universal coverings don’t fit well and seem to be either excessively big or just too tiny for your automobile. They may fit properly in some places yet be too stiff or too loose at the creases in other instances. It makes these challenging to put on and remove. Also read Levo PA71.

  • Custom-Fit Covers – 

Whenever it relates to automobile coverings, this is without a doubt the standard method. The greatest fit and safety for your automobile are provided by custom car coverings. Such covers are custom-made for the make and model of your automobile and often cannot be replaced or substituted for any reason.

At a fair cost, a high-quality bespoke vehicle cover offers a respectable amount of protection.

You also don’t need to be concerned about the fitment. Your particular automobile is created to fit a customized car cover. These are made to fit the specific automobile brands and types’ breadth, length, as well as height.

If you don’t add any car accessories, you can rest assured that everything will fit. The dimensions of your car might be considerably changed by some accessories.

Reasons To Choose A Custom Cover:

Do yourself as well as your automobile a favour by purchasing a car covering. Opt for a premium custom covering in the comparison of Custom vs Universal Vehicle Covers. To maintain your automobile in nearly excellent shape, this is the finest thing you could do. Here is what you receive from a reliable company when you select a custom car covering.

  • Superior Protection – 

Such covers are created with 5 layers of high-quality fabrics that are certain to offer your car the proper level of protection. 

It has a durable outer covering that successfully shields users from damaging UV rays, snowfall, rain, dirt, tree resin, etc. It keeps them from penetrating the deeper layers. To prevent these dangerous factors from damaging the outside surface of your bike, we only utilise the finest materials.

A centre layer that is sufficiently cushioned to shield your automobile from unsightly damages and dings. It aids in preventing rust, mould, and mildew on your automobile. In order to enable extra moisture to dissipate, they are made of breathable fabrics.

  • Snug Fit – 

It truly simply comes down to fit whenever it gets to automobile coverings. Custom car coverings are made to precisely suit the brand and model of your specific vehicle. These get an elastic loop around the outside to provide an even stronger and more stable fit.

Therefore, if you’re utilising a tailored cover, you won’t need to be concerned about it being pulled apart or even being swept away in windy conditions.

  • Value For Money – 

Personalized coverings are built to endure. To increase durability and water protection, these coverings are double-stitched throughout all openings and reinforced at all significant wear spots. These goods often have a company’s guarantee and may be returned or replaced if they don’t fit or have flaws.

Parts that protrude, such as mirrors, may experience unnecessary stress from a covering that is overly tight. These components, or the body to which they are connected, may get damaged as a result of this tension over time.

A car body cover that is overly tight could be challenging to apply and remove. Any loose outside cover may be extremely harmful to your automobile. The unfastened cover can be beaten against the bodywork by the breeze since it does not fit firmly. It causes paintwork and trim to be damaged.

Sand & grime from beneath the cover may potentially be blown onto the body by the winds. The abrasive substance might grind through your paint if a loosened cover slides and rubs on the body. In windy conditions, an unfastened cover might entirely blow off the automobile if it isn’t fastened down with additional hardware. 

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