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What Is A Passenger Cover In Car Insurance?


Passenger insurance provides financial protection for anyone riding in the insured’s vehicle. Although it is not required, you are strongly advised to cover passengers because their lives are just as vital as the drivers or owners. This insurance provides up to Rs. 2 lakhs in coverage for medical expenses, disability liabilities (permanent and temporary disability insurance), or financial support in the event of a passenger’s death.

Acko car insurance provides financial protection for passengers riding in the insured’s vehicle is known as passenger cover in auto insurance. Although the owner and driver of the vehicle must have personal accident coverage, insuring passengers is not required. Although there is no requirement, people should purchase a passenger cover as part of their auto insurance policy because every life is valuable.

What does car insurance passenger cover mean?

The term “passenger cover” refers to the financial protection for people riding in an insured vehicle. While covering passengers is not required, the owner-driver of the insured car must have personal accident coverage. But if you are operating a transport or commercial vehicle, you should still cover passengers, including any members of your family or even clients. In the case of a car with three seats, you can insure up to three passengers with this add-on in addition to the owner-personal driver’s accident coverage. As a result, the policy is firm and provides extensive coverage. You are responsible for the injuries suffered by the passengers in case of an unfortunate accident as the car’s owner. This extra insurance protects your obligations to other road users as the vehicle’s owner.

The Function of This Add-on Cover

In the event of an accident, the insured vehicle and the owner-driver are both financially protected by the typical comprehensive auto insurance policy. Therefore, if you are the owner-driver of the insured vehicle, the insurance company will pay the insured sum to the insurance policy’s nominee in case of your death or permanent disability. 

You have a duty to the people riding with you as the insured car’s owner. Giving the option to cover the liabilities resulting from passenger injuries or deaths will provide the company with total leeway to handle the treatment of passenger injuries. In this manner, you can insure the vehicle and ensure the financial security of everyone riding within. Certainly, Passenger Cover enhances the value of your basic auto insurance policy.

What Does A Passenger Cover?

The following are covered for up to Rs. 2 lakhs under a passenger cover add-on:

  • Passenger medical expenses incurred in the event of an unforeseeable accident.
  • Passengers in the car are covered for disability liability (including permanent and temporary disabilities).
  • Financial assistance if any passengers pass away.

What does the Passenger Cover not cover?

The exclusions of a passenger cover add-on are as follows:

  • An accident that occurred when someone was intoxicated or using drugs.
  • This add-on does not cover any physical injuries sustained during a suicide attempt.

How Do I File a Car Accident Passenger Claim?

You might wonder how to submit a claim while riding in the insured car. Filing a claim for passengers is straightforward, especially when using the online auto insurance mode. Everything about the process is simple and easy. To file a passenger claim in an automobile accident, follow these steps:

Step 1: Call your insurance provider and advise them of the collision, the extent of the damage to your car, and any injuries to any passengers.

Step 2: Submit a First Information Report (FIR) to the neighbourhood police department.

Step 3: If a third party is involved in the accident, ensure you get their insurance and car information.

Step 4: File a claim with the insurer, who will send a surveyor to determine the extent of the damage and settle the claim as necessary.

Step 5: If a passenger dies while riding in an insured vehicle, the insurance company will pay the designated insured sum or offer financial support for medical care for the deceased.

However, standard Commercial Car Insurance does not protect passengers in such situations. The cost of the passengers’ medical care will come out of their own pockets.

Benefits of Buying Passenger Insurance

As a responsible automobile owner, you are responsible to the passengers if an accident leaves one hurt or disabled. The policyholder and the passengers will have extensive coverage if they have both the passenger add-on cover and comprehensive auto insurance. The following are some advantages of getting passenger insurance:

    • If the passenger perishes in an accident, offer financial assistance.
    • This add-on provides coverage for the passengers’ medical expenses in the event of an accident.
    • The covered automobile offers a disability liability cover to its passengers.
    • In challenging circumstances, financial obligations are lowered since you can make claims on behalf of the car’s driver and passenger.
  • Reduces the stress if the driver of the insured car and the passenger suffer any unintentional injury.
  • Helps if the insured car is a commercial passenger vehicle to prevent legal hassles.

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