5 reasons for pursuing distance MBA from Narsee Monjee distance education

5 reasons for pursuing distance MBA from Narsee Monjee distance education


The Narsee Monjee distance MBA provides people with several kinds of advantages in the long run because this is one of the most popular options in the field of distance MBA for the people. It will further make sure that people will be able to enjoy several kinds of perks in the long run very easily and these kinds of options make this particular choice a perfect one for all the working professionals and people from all the age groups. Following are some of the advantages of pursuing a distance MBA from this college:

  1. This particular college has been rated as one of the best: As per the NAAC rating and UGC autonomy this particular college is highly reputed in the whole nation it has been granted as the status of graded autonomy by UGC. It comes with 3.59 CGPA along with A+ rating of the NAAC which further make sure that people will be having the degree from best of the college in the whole world.
  2. The college very effectively utilises the technology: The dedicated student portal is very easily accessible with the help of web-based services which further makes this particular option very much user-friendly and preferable by the people. This particular mobile application enables users to truly experience a culture of learning from anywhere so that they can fulfil their academic and personal goals very easily and efficiently. The student application is also available for both iOS and Android systems so that people can avail the best possible advantages.
  3. It provides the people with the best experience: Whenever the people will invest their funds and time into this particular type of technology they will be ensuring that best of the academic learning will be easily availed by the people because of the robust evaluation engine and online assignments as well as examinations being conducted by this particular platform. The platform comes with prominent faculties and industry experts which further make sure that there is also a complete provision of individual learning through recorded lectures. The whole process is very easy for the students and they can also post a query into the specific section so that doubts are addressed very easily all the time.
  4. The faculty is highly experienced: The College comes with more than 225 faculty members who are the industrial experts and further make sure that students who are learning from them will be availing the best possible value addition in their existing skills. Hence, people will always have the best possible access to the valuable insights about the latest happenings in several kinds of industries so that they can find the best version of themselves.
  5. It comes with various career services: The NMIMS also has tie-ups with various kinds of leading corporate and start-ups so that students have the best possible access to the best interview opportunities. This further makes sure that people can become highly employable.

 The Narsee Monjee distance MBA fees are also very much genuine that makes this option very worth it.

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