4 Online recharge apps that make your life a lot easy

4 Online recharge apps that make your life a lot easy


Today the world does most of the things virtually. Physical presence is not required in a lot of cases where it was a must a decade ago. Lots of examinations are conducted online. Paper documents are becoming more and more inessential. Online recharge has become the norm today. Not many people visit the local outlet for recharging their Airtel numbers. Due to the popularity of the online stores and the plentiful benefits they offer, doing Airtel recharge through apps is one of the best options today.

India is gradually taking the steps to a cashless economy. The digital wallets have a lot of contributions to these efforts. They allow you to make payments easily with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can link your credit and debit cards to the wallet and transfer money if you want to. Otherwise, you can make the payments directly through your cards. The UPI platform has made payments easier. You can now make Airtel online recharge at the tap of a button. There are plenty of apps for online recharge in the market.

Let us look at the 4 online recharge apps that can make your life a lot easier:

#4. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a new player in the market that started offering payments through UPI very recently. The app offers a digital wallet as well where all the cashback is credited. However, unlike some wallets, you will not be allowed to transfer the money back to your account. The wallet allows you to make bill payments and recharge your account with ease. Recently, there are lots of offers from Amazon Pay that benefit customers. Amazon is a very popular online shopping app and the Amazon Pay benefits from its huge customer base. Not only making payments, but the digital wallet will even allow you to shop on Amazon. The payment interface is a part of the Amazon shopping app. You do not need to download a separate app for the same.

#3. PayTM

PayTM is one of the largest mobile e-commerce platforms in India and offers a digital wallet to its customers. You can make money transfers and payments through the app. One of the best things about PayTM is that its popularity has made vendors use the platform for accepting payments through the app. This enables customers to use the app for paying for services. If you want to perform an Airtel online recharge, this app is the best platform. There are lots of offers available on PayTM and cashback too. You can use the cashback for the next payment cycle, thus saving a lot of money in the time being. This app has made online payments very easy. The app is available on Android, iOS as well as Windows.

#2. Google Pay

Being a part of the Google apps, Tez users have multiplied in numbers very soon. However, the user-friendliness of the app is commendable. Finding your way out in the app is always so easy. The app allows you to send money to your friends easily. You just need to set up your account and make a Virtual Payment Address for the UPI payments. Recharging through the app is as easy as it can get. All the options are available under the ‘New’ section where you can find multiple services for recharging your number. You would need to link an Airtel mobile number for the recharge and proceed with it. One of the most notable things about the app is that you do not need to do any additional KYC for the same – a requirement in most other apps.

#1. Airtel Thanks

The best app that you can use for recharging your prepaid numbers is the Airtel Thanks app. This app not only allows you to make payments for Airtel services but other service providers as well. Not only that, if you want to pay bills for electricity, water or piped gas, this app can take care of the job. Apart from Airtel recharge, one of the things that will force you into using the app is its entertainment section. Airtel users can watch movies, TV shows and stream music for free.

If you are still thinking if you can find better apps, you might need to reconsider your choice.

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