Mexican Caribbean a priceless jewel

Travel to places near Cancun with this guide


Cancun is a beautiful place, and those who have been there will not let me lie. It is truly one of the most coveted destinations in the world. Because, its beaches besides being shallow and invaded by really light tones, also offer the softness of the white sand and an incredible view towards the Caribbean horizon.

The first place you have to visit from Cancun is Tulum because this archaeological site has the best to make your trips extraordinarily comfortable. With a beach atmosphere that you do not want to miss, besides knowing the beach paradise, (one of the most important of the site) you can see the city on a bike tour that will surely love.

Another escape you will not want to miss is Chichen Itza, an archaeological area that has about 7 square kilometers, where you can see the impressive Temple of Kukulcan, this is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Generally, from Cancun, you will find many ways to get to Chichen Itza. However, we recommend that you acquire your method of transportation.

Visit Isla Mujeres. To visit this island, you will have to visit the pier in Cancun or visit the mainland of Isla Mujeres inside Cancun, from where you can take a ferry to this incredible and paradisiacal island of calm blue waters.

If you want to know more islands, don’t miss Cozumel. One of the places with one of the most impressive coral reefs in the world named as a natural heritage of the nation. Take a tour of its waters and go to Playa Cielo, where you can live a completely different experience where the seafloor is full of stars.

Get to know the nearby cenotes of the Riviera Maya and enjoy the surroundings.

We usually know that near a small town in the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a cenote by law if you have to visit at least 5 of them during your trip to the route of the cenotes.

Also, near these places, you can visit places like Valladolid, Merida, Tizimin, and Izamal, considered some of these as magical towns of Mexico.

Playa del Carmen is also one of the best-known destinations in the Riviera Maya, as it is considered the center of the Riviera.

Within this city, you will be able to enjoy great attractions such as beaches, night clubs, museums like the 3D Museum of Wonders.

How to move around Cancun:

Moving around Cancun is very easy, even more, if you plan to visit new places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya.

One of the main mobility options you will have in the city is the Cancun airport Taxi.

Then you can get transportation within the city or get a car rental service to move around each of the most important places in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

What to eat?

Depending on the area where you are, you will find what you want to eat, and the prices depend on this, if you don’t mind spending a lot, you can eat in a luxury hotel or in one of the selected restaurants in the city where you are.

There are also some villages near the big cities where you can taste delicious food and have incredible experiences, most of these places have cenotes nearby that you will love to visit, besides trying the typical food of each location.

If you leave Cancun, you have probably already tasted too much of the food; because Cancun is a perfect mix to try everything, but know EVERYTHING that comes your way, you may find that you have a new favorite food.

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