Three simple steps to save your trading account

Three simple steps to save your trading account


To become a successful trader, traders should always pay attention to the risk management properly. The proper risk management helps the traders to save their trading account and wrong risk management will take away your trading capital. You need to be very careful while setting your risk management in a trade. The better your risk management the more save your trading account will be, so make sure you know how to set proper risk management in the trades. The following article will help you to find out how to set risk management properly.

Risk a small percentage of your capital

New traders often take more risk in the trades because they are greedy. However, you won’t be able to make profit if you take more risks. Risking more will only lead you to lose your trading account, the traders should risk only the amount their trading capital can handle. Pro traders never risk more in the trades as they know the consequences of this will be. Try to use better trading methods and strategies in the trades to make profits instead of taking more risks in the trades. Improve your win rate and you will feel more confident as a retail trader. This confidence will take you to the next level.

A few rookie traders in Singapore often end up taking high risks to deal with the losses. Such drastic actions might help them to recover some of the losses but in most cases, they make the loss much bigger. You have to stick to a strategic approach to deal with losses.

Don’t risk more out of greed

It’s one of the biggest mistakes the new traders do, they don’t think about the consequence. They trade in the market without following the risk management properly and take higher risks out of greed. Don’t forget that greed is known as the biggest enemy of the traders. You won’t be able to trade profitably if you trade out of greed in the market. In the Forex market, the traders should never allow their greed to control their trading account as this will only help them to lose their account. Place trades wisely with small risks like pro traders to stay in the market in the long run.

Learning to deal with greed is a critical task. But the smart analysts of Saxo capital markets pte always gives priority to a rational approach to trading. As a currency trader, you should have the skills to analyze the price pattern just like them.

After developing the habit to deal with the loss you can start making some serious cash. Never break the rules of risk management.

Maintain risk management with patience

New traders often try to change their risk management if they don’t make profit continuously. You need to remember that you will not always be able to make profit. Even pro traders don’t win all the time. Losing in the trades is a part of the learning process, try to learn from the mistakes and use different methods and strategies. Try to keep patience in the trades and use effective methods and strategies to make profit. Don’t lose patience if you don’t win in the trades and try to stick to risk management methods precisely to make improvements.


To become a successful trader the key role is to maintain their risk management properly. The traders should always act smartly in the trades instead of making a rush to change the risk management. You should never take more risks in the trades to make more trades. Take small risks in the trades and stick to your trading methods and strategies to win profit. Believe in the risk management you set for the trades and don’t try to change it often if you want to save your trading account.

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