The Ancient Japanese technology of Shou Sugi Ban and five reasons why it’s great for your house

The Ancient Japanese technology of Shou Sugi Ban and five reasons why it’s great for your house

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Have you ever heard about Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi? Chances are that not. And even if we’re wrong, you are probably not familiar with what these terms mean. Well we are here to explain things to you and to also show why Shou Sugi Ban should be your primary choice of decoration and construction materials.

Reason No. 1 – the History Behind it

It is believed that the technology of wood charring (Yakisugi) was developed no later than in the 17th century Japan. Yakisugi is a special wood processing technology that involves taking a regular piece of wood and exposing it to very hot flames. The end product (Shou Sugi Ban) has better looks and qualities which makes it more suitable to be used as a construction material. To see how it’s done and what are the secrets of Shou Sugi Ban, check out this video on YouTube.

Reason No. 2 – it is Much More Elegant than Regular Wood

If you were to compare two examples of homes, and one had regular wood siding while the other had Shou Sugi Ban siding you would definitely think that the latter looks newer, more luxurious and elegant.– you can also click on the link to check it out for yourself and be sure that Japanese burnt timber has a timeless elegance.

The secret of this is in the process we mentioned earlier. Charring should darken the colour, enhance the texture and make every accent of the pattern that much more expressive.

Reason No. 3 – Waterproof

Without going in to too much detail and without repeating ourselves, we can say that Degmeda, as well as other wood charring companies allow the processed timber to become waterproof. Fire shrinks the pores that are on the surface layer which prevents it from absorbing any water and moisture. Without losing breathability, this wood becomes almost entirely immune to rot, mold and rot-related deformations.

Reason No. 4 – Fire and Pest proof

The Japanese wood burning technology can also make every piece of wood fire and vermin proof. The carbonisation of the outer layer protects it from easily catching on fire while the same flames evaporate all the cellulose sugars which remain in the wood. After varnishing it not only looks good, but is very dependable and safe as well.

You can get pine, Siberian larch, spruce, birch, redwood as well as many other wood boards charred.

Reason No. 5 – You Can Place it Inside and Outside

If you were to follow one of the links to the Degmeda site that we gave you, you can find tons of real-life examples of Shou Sugi Ban being used in real-life projects. However, even if its primary and more common use is outside, there are tons of ways you can compose the inside of a home with charred wood. Don’t be afraid to use Pinterest or your imagination for that!

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