SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Bicycle Crank Set

SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Bicycle Crank Set


A crankset is an essential set of the components of the bicycle. It converts the reciprocating motion of the legs into rotational motion to drive the chain, which operates the rear wheel. In a word, it acts as a connecting material between you and your beloved bike. It usually includes the spider, chainrings, crank arms, and bottom bracket.

If you are after the best MTB crankset for your favorite mountain bike, you don’t need to search further. We know how difficult it is for you to get the right crankset for your bike among a variety of alternatives on the market. Whether you want an upgrade or a replacement for your current crankset, we are going to tell you that in this article.

That’s because we’ve shared a review of an excellent MTB crankset for your mountain bike. We’ll also provide you with some suggestions about how to take care of your mountain bike for an all-time remarkable performance. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Review of SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Bicycle Crank Set

The SHIMANO Tiagra Double Road Crankset is one of the best mountain bike cranksets available on today’s offline and online market. This crankset can enhance your pedaling performance, allow you to have smooth efficiency, and help you boost your cycling speed. It comes with some essential features that a mountain biker wants to have in his or her crankset. So, let’s get into them below with brief explanations.

Durable Construction

Shimano Tiagra is a consistent and balanced crankset that can be an excellent option for entry-level riders. This MTB crankset comes with the construction of aluminum material with anodized finish. It provides you a 43.5mm chain line, 150 Q-factor, and 110mm BCD. This crankset ensures smooth and faster shifting so that you can enjoy it across different rough conditions.

Crank Arms

This excellent mountain biking gear comes with anodized aluminum crank arms that can withstand the maximum pressure of your body weight. It is the non-drive side, and you have it pretty nice-looking and well-shaped. Besides, the fixing bolt is available in the set for setting the crank arm in the crank.

Rear Derailleur

This crankset offers a pretty much sportive-friendly lowest ratio to the bikers. When you are assembling the crankset, you will have a long cage and a short cage of the rear derailleur. With the big sprocket of 28 teeth, the shorter one operates cassettes. On the contrary, the longer one is compatible with 34 and 32 teeth for the double and triple crank wheel.

Cassette and Brakes

Shimano Tiagra 4700 Crank Set offers four cassette options, ranging from 11-25 to 11-34 teeth. Also, this crankset comes with brakes that show a family resemblance to its expensive chainsets. Again, the dual pivots give excellent performance and a vital increase in modulation.


  • Comes with a simple yet sturdy design
  • Provides better stiffness
  • Include efficient chainrings
  • Delivers solid crank arms
  • Easy to assemble


  • The finishing might not be scratch-resistant


In short, this crankset is an excellent addition to your bike, and you will also get it at a compatible price. However, this crankset can be a replacement or an upgrade for the current chainset of your mountain bike. You can pedal harder and ride faster when you use this crankset in your mountain bike. If you pick this crankset for your mountain bike, it can be a suitable option for you.

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