Pet-Friendly Hotels in North Island, NZ


Most people who travel with their pets on the North Island will take a campervan hire New Zealand, but if you would rather stay in hotels, you can trust that there are pet-friendly options in the area and places to visit with your animal.

Of course, a campervan hire New Zealand does allow you the comfort of not worrying about finding lodging that allows pets, but the good news is that New Zealand is quite animal-friendly, so you’ll be able to find hotels, parks, restaurants, and cafes where pets are more than welcome.

If you don’t’ want to leave your furry friend at home for this trip, then don’t. Just because it takes a little more planning and research to find a place to stay with your best friend doesn’t mean that you have to leave them at home during a trip of a lifetime. The following hotels in North Island, New Zealand, welcome pets with open arms. Take a look:

  • Jet Park Hotel Rotorua: If you love your animal like most pet owners do, then you know you want to find a place that is more than welcoming of pets. When visiting Rotorua, you’ll want to stay somewhere that provides you with everything you need to both enjoy a night of sleep and some fun while you’re there. The Jet Park Hotel has a pool and spa, as well as a children’s playground, should you be travelling with your kids and pets. There is a room specifically designed and setup for those travelling with pets, so you can get all the comfort you need for both you and your animal.
  • Cottage Park Motor Lodge Otaki: A very unique and relaxing space, the Cottage Park Motor Lodge is all about comfort in a beautiful environment. What could be better than this than the fact that you can also invite your four-legged friend. With both budget options for you and motor home parks as well, you can stay there whether you’re travelling in your campervan or staying at the cabins or cottages. With guest laundry options, a spa pool, and a welcoming vibe, it’s a good spot for staying at while visiting Otaki.
  • Tarata Fishaway Lodge: What could be better than staying at a comfortable place than being able to bring your animal with you. The Tarata Fishaway Lodge is located in a very unique area of the North Island where many people go to enjoy fishing and river retreats. Surrounded by nature, you can explore the area with your dog and have some quality time in the great outdoors. The views from the lodge are incredible, and you’ll also find great things to do on the grounds, from farm tours to farm petting, making it a fun experience whether you’re visiting on your own or with your family and animals.
  • Havelock Motels Marlborough Sounds: With views of the marina, the Havelock Motels are not only comfortable for what they offer in terms of accommodation, but also because you can be sure that bringing your animal is completely fine with the staff at this local hotel in one of the most beautiful areas of the North Island. Set apart from the hustle and bustle in the area and with a natural environment and ambiance, it’s the perfect escape for those looking to relax a bit while travelling around New Zealand with their pet.
  • Saddle and Sulky Motor Lodge New Plymouth: Located in a relaxed area of New Plymouth, this hotel isn’t the fanciest one around but it offers comfort, a good location, and everything you need in a hotel room, as well as the option to bring your pets into the room. The only thing that is asked of guests travelling with pets is that you bring your animal’s bed, as the owners don’t really want there to be pets staying in the beds themselves. Fair enough, right? Something that may convince you to stay at this local motor lodge is the fact that it’s prices are quite accessible. More so than many other options in the area.

In Conclusion

Too many times, pet owners say goodbye to their pets on trips to amazing places. Oftentimes, these pet owners don’t enjoy themselves like they could because they are too busy thinking about their animal that they left behind. You’ll discover that New Zealand is great in the sense that it’s very animal friendly, so you and yours will be more than welcome in many places—not only hotels.

If you’re an animal lover, do something different and bring your animal with you. Whether you’re travelling in a campervan hire New Zealand or stopping at hotels in the North Island during your trip, there are options available for pet owners who want to travel with their best friend. Have a great trip!

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