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Is the Steam Deck the New Face of Handheld Gaming in 2023

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For all of my PC gamer friends out there who want to play their favorite games on the game, rejoice because Valve has created one of the best handhelds that can support PC games. Steam Deck, ever since its first release, has been making quite a lot of waves since it was first released. There are 3 variants that have been released for the console, but the most famous ones are the Steam Deck 64 GB variant and the Steam Deck 256 GB variant.

According to an estimate, Valve has sold over 1 million units worldwide😱. Even by gaming console standards, these are some serious numbers. Almost 90% of the people who used this device have given it almost 7 or above, a rating out of 10.

But those are the ones who are dedicated gamers who’ve tested a lot of consoles and then gave their opinion, but what about the casual gamer? Many of them are wondering if this is the new face of handheld gaming in 2023 and how well it stacks against the likes of Nintendo Switch.

Therefore, to give a proper answer to this question, we need to go over a few things like.

  • Important aspects of handheld gaming deceive
  • Is the Steam Deck really the face of handheld gaming

With that said, let’s start by covering the important aspects of every handheld device and comparing them with Valve’s handheld gaming console.

Important Aspects of Handheld Gaming Deceive

Many of you might know this, but I’m actually somewhat of a gamer myself (a little spiderman reference for Marvel fans😂). I’ve been playing PC games for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my family didn’t want to get to attached to gaming, so they never bought me a gaming console, but that never stopped me from playing games on my PC.

However, now that I’m self-sufficient, I can buy and play as many games as I want, but the limitation of PC gaming is that you can’t play games when on the move. You can play some PC games on a mobile phone like the new iPhone 14 Pro or the new Samsung S23 Ultra. I played both GTA: SA and Call of Duty (mobile version) on them, but it isn’t something that many gamers will like. Luckily, Valve has made sure to combine the fun of PC gaming with the convenience of handheld devices, but there are a few things to look out for.

When it comes to buying a handheld gaming device, there are a few things to know about to make sure that you get the best possible device. This is also true for the likes of Steam Deck. Here are some of them that you should know

1. Look and Feel of the Device

As the name suggests, these are the gaming devices that you’re going to hold on to for several hours to play. The design and feel of such devices need to be lightweight and ergonomic in design, so a person doesn’t feel unnecessarily tired to uncomfortable holding them.

Luckily, both 64 GB and 256 GB variants have amazing designs that you easily hold and play on. Granted that by look, the Steam Deck looks like a chunky boy, but the form factor of the device is really something that a gamer or an average person will appreciate.

Plus, it doesn’t have a frame made using metal which also adds to its lightweight. However, you will need to be a bit careful with it because even though the back won’t shatter like glass but it is prone to scratches.

2. Display the Quality of the Console

Nowadays, you can’t expect to get away with subpar display quality. There are tons of amazing handheld consoles out there that have amazing specs, but when it comes down to the display, the device falls flat.

However, both the Steam Deck 64 GB variant and the 256 GB variant have the same optically bonded IPS LCD display, which granted, isn’t an OLED display. But it does have a 7″ display size that comes with the 1280 x 800 resolution, which is just wide enough so you can enjoy games and still have that portability factor.

Additionally, the refresh rate of this display is 60Hz which is quite decent. I know some of you might be saying, “Don’t flagship smartphones have a higher refresh rate than this?” Yes! You are right, but let me say that you don’t need that much just to play on a portable gaming device. Since most of the games are set at 60Hz so it won’t be an issue. Plus, you can also adjust the refresh rate depending on what type of game you’re playing to prolong the battery life of the Steam Deck. This is only one of the reasons that make it the world’s best handheld gaming console.

3. Storage Capacity of This Handheld Console

You and I both know that the if we want to play any PC or a console game on any platform, the size of it is going to be massive. You’ll remember the GTA 5 game that was released in September 2013. Steam itself says that the size of this game is 81 GB😱. Yeah, you won’t be playing this game on the Steam Deck 64 GB variant any time soon😅.

However, that isn’t an issue at all. “Why?” you ask because both the Steam Deck 256 GB variant and the 64 GB variant come with an expandable storage option. Meaning you won’t be limited to only internal storage of this handheld for steam games.

The internal storage should be limited for any software or OS-related things. I recommend that you invest in a 1 TB SD card, so you have enough storage to store at least 10 modern games at a time😅.

Is the Steam Deck Really the Face of Handheld Gaming

Now, most of you are wondering, “Is the Steam Deck really the face of the handhelds in 2023?” I want to answer this question by asking how many handhelds you can name. Off the top of my head, the first one that I can think of is the Nintendo Switch, but other than that; there are only a few that come to mind.

Valve has really taken the entire handheld market by storm. From what I can see, it’s not only the best gaming handheld gaming console in Pakistan but also the best handheld gaming console worldwide.

I used a few a while back with PSP, but this handheld for steam games has really set a new precedent for portable gaming. The decision to buy this console solely depends on your preference, but if you ask me, I’ll recommend that you should go for it.

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