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Information on the International Baccalaureate Programme: Benefits, Results, and Singapore IB Schools


The IB or International Baccalaureate Programme is a highly acclaimed curriculum. Students aged 16-19 in their 11th and 12th grades can join the IB Programme. Developed in Switzerland in 1968, the IB is available in 1,000 high schools in the United States of America. It is also accessible in over 5,000 schools in 157 countries. The mission of the IB is to develop various skills in young people. They can be inquiring, informed, and caring. They can form a better and more peaceful world. They achieve so through intercultural understanding and respect.

The IB is one of the most famous high school curriculums around the globe. It is known for its standard model across high schools and nations. The IB curriculum constantly shows that students have challenged themselves in high school. Colleges and universities value the IB during the admissions process due to the rigour and reliability of the program. College admissions analysts also recognise the skills and preparation that IB learners bring to their college classrooms.

The IB diploma curriculum

Parents and students around the globe prefer to choose the IB curriculum. The reason is that it helps them meet their learning needs. The student-focused curriculum emphasises critical thinking and creative thinking skills. The IB curriculum enables students to examine topics from different points of view. It helps them improve their writing skills, as well. These skills help students get many benefits in their colleges and universities.

The international baccalaureate diploma comprises six subject groups and the DP core. It includes TOK, CAS, and the extended essay. TOK refers to the theory of knowledge, and CAS is creativity, activity, and service. Students can take on the nature of the information. It helps them take on a community service project. The DP core aims to widen students’ enlightening experiences. They can test them to apply their skills and knowledge. The IB curriculum sets out the needs to learn the Diploma Programme.

Benefits of the IB Diploma Programme

The benefits of the IB Diploma Programme are many and diverse.  The IB curriculum offers unique benefits to students and helps students share their knowledge and skills. It helps them work with people from diverse backgrounds. The IB curriculum is broader and more balanced. It motivates students to develop critical and analytical skills.

With the most affordable international Singapore school fees the IB programs highlight education further than the confines of the classroom. They focus on the promising growth of the students. The Programmes encourage students to become the best version of themselves and facilitate them to experience life and attain their goals.

Getting the IB diploma from a top IB school means you have cleared the IB diploma subjects. It also means you are better at critical thinking. Learning the Diploma Programme in an IB-accredited school will be an asset, helping you get admission to a college or university.

The IB Diploma Programme helps students acquire a unique, demanding, and diversified education. They can become critical thinkers and problem solvers. The core part of the IB Diploma Programme can lead them to the most reputed universities around the globe. Students can understand different cultures by learning a second language. They can mingle with people in a quickly changing world.

IB Results

The two-year IB program teaches three subjects at a higher level and three at a standard level. The blend of coursework and final exams determines the appraisal. A student has to get at least 24 out of 45 points to get the diploma certificate. The average success rate of International Baccalaureate World Schools is 86.11%.

Singapore IB Schools

Singapore has many best International Baccalaureate Schools, such as Anglo Chinese School, Hwa Chong International School, International Singapore, and SJI International, offering IB diploma programs.

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