How to Contour and Highlight Based on Your Face Shape

How to Contour and Highlight Based on Your Face Shape

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Who would have thought that a couple of years ago the newest obsession of the beauty industry, contouring and highlighting would become a crucial makeup step for every makeup enthusiast?

Thanks to the likes of celebrities and beauty moguls like Kim Kardashian West, Jeffree Star, and Huda Kattan, everybody is trying to get their hands on the latest contour kit to enhance their features and manipulate the natural facial structure. With the availability of abundant luxury as well as drugstore brands in the market, you can select a formula that you feel would be better suited to your needs and preferences.

Having said all this, it’s important for you to be aware of the correct way to contour and highlight your face. Whether you want a more chiseled face, a more angular nose, or just higher cheekbones – it is all possible if you learn the technique. To help you understand every nuance with regard to contour and highlight, we have described this makeup process in great detail below.

Contouring and Highlighting According to Your Face Shape

Your face structure has, in all probability, has the most important role to play before you use any contouring or highlighting product on your face. If you don’t understand your face shape and end up drawing random lines, instead of getting a more sleek appearance, you will end up with a harsher face which is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

You will soon realize that you can master this makeup trick as even though it may look intimidating, in reality though, it is not really that difficult. You will be taken aback by just how amazing this trick can be to transform your face! Below, we have discussed the right way to contour and highlight your face in consideration of your face shape.

Round Facial Shape

A round facial structure has the same length and width – just like a ball. You would want to use contouring and highlighting products to make it look more angular and feline.

This can be achieved by drawing the digit ‘3‘ from your upper forehead to your the undersides of the cheekbones, and then finally under your jawline. Don’t draw any contour line on your chin as you need to add more height to the face.

As for the highlighting portion, take a highlighter and swipe it across your chin and the very center of your forehead. A good tip would be to start from the center and then move narrowly towards the headline.

The end result would be a more oval and defined face that looks sleeker.

Oval Facial Shape

An already well-balanced facial shape, having an oval facial structure is lucky and be more convenient for makeup purposes. You can still highlight and contour your face to achieve a higher level of perfection.

Using a contour pen or any contouring product, draw lines from your temples to your cheekbones taking care to stop just outside the upper portion of your jaw. And with a highlighter that on your cheeks to learn that healthy glow while also making it more prominent and sharp.

Heart Facial Shape

If you have a narrower and an incredibly pointy chin in comparison to your forehead, you have a heart shape and hence, need to contour and highlight accordingly.

Since the main aim here is to make the chin appear less harsh, you should draw the did you three from your forehead, cheekbones, and to your chin just in the case of a circular face. The only difference between the two face shapes is that in case of a heart shape, you will draw contour lines at the very bottom of your chin to make it shorter and do away with the sharpness.

The other distinctive feature of contouring and highlighting this face shape is that instead of contouring, you should highlight your jawline to enhance it more taking attention away from the chin.

Square Facial Shape

When you have a square face, forehead, cheekbones, and the jawline are usually of the same width. You have to be very careful whenever you are contouring your face as it is definitely a bit tricky but nothing that you cannot master.

Your main aim should be to focus on the very corners of your face when you start to contour by creating natural-looking shadows that start from below the temples towards the area under the cheekbone area. Blend the contour product really well too soften any harsh edges which will give you a softer look.

Moving on to the highlighter, you need to apply the product to your cheekbones, center of your forehead, and chin in order to get a more oval appearance.

Diamond Facial Shape

A unique face shape in itself, diamond face-shaped people have comparatively wide cheekbones with a tapering forehead. As your forehead is narrow and chin pointy, you have to contour and highlight to soften the overall severity of your angular features.

You need to apply the contour to the center of your forehead. Then, just blend it into your hairline. As for your chin, take the contour stick and draw a line on the bottom part to reduce the length. If you want to enhance your jawline and temples, apply the product towards the sides. Lastly, dab some highlighter on the middle part of your temple and then cover your entire jawline. Don’t forget to blend the product into your skin for an organic finish.

There you have it! Once you figured out your face shape, simply follow the above instructions to get the perfect contour and highlight to bring out your very best features. Whenever you are attempting this makeup trend, make sure that you don’t pick up too much product as it may look unappealing. Finish the look by dabbing some drugstore setting powder on your face to make it last and look amazing all day long.

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