8 Secrets To Choosing Your Wedding Menu

8 Secrets To Choosing Your Wedding Menu


It’s no secret how “influential” wedding menus are in the overall impact of your wedding day on your guests. Caterers Hanover PA can attest how having great food and drinks on such an important occasion can make your guests feel extra special — with the event becoming even more memorable for them as well.

But coming up with an awesome wedding menu is not as simple as strolling in the park. The portions should be served efficiently, its presentation should go in accordance with your wedding theme, and of course, it should be added with a personal touch reflective of your relationship as a couple.

Below we’ve listed down eight secrets to choosing the best wedding menu for your special day:

Settle down with your catering style. Do you want a glamorous, plated dinner? Or you’re the type who goes for a buffet-style to evoke a certain sense of belongingness? Whichever you choose, make sure it goes well with your designated budget allocation for your wedding catering.

Know how many are attending. Like what you might already know, weddings are a number’s game. Caterers Hanover PA are keen to know how many people are attending your wedding so they can serve your menu in the right portions. After all, it’s utterly disadvantageous to prepare way more than what is needed for this special event.

Take into account your guests’ dietary restrictions. Speaking of your guests, you also have to consider if they have dietary restrictions. If some follow a no-meat diet, it’s best to diversify your menu. The same holds true if you have guests that are allergic to fish or seafood.

Be mindful of the children. Almost every wedding — grand or intimate — have kids as some of its attendees. This is why it’s important that you also include a menu item that will suit their age and taste. Some popular wedding foods for children are spaghetti and meatballs, mini mac and cheese, and mini hot dogs.

Choose local produce. One great way to cut down on your wedding catering expenses is to choose locally-produced ingredients and dishes. They’re proven to be tastier, easier to access, and — like what we’ve mentioned — more budget-friendly.

Don’t forget to add your personal touch. Did you two meet at a particular restaurant? Did you get engaged in Italy? Do you have a favorite breakfast or dinner dish as a couple? You can personalize your wedding menu by incorporating dishes that are vital parts of your relationship as a couple.

Be specific with your requests from your caterer. Caterers Hanover PA appreciate it very much if the couples can relay the details of the wedding as early as possible. It’s also advisable that you coordinate with them properly about your requests. Be specific and make sure you keep your communication line open in cases of clarifications and queries for their side.

Don’t go beyond your wedding catering budget. Couples tend to overspend especially when it comes to their wedding catering. Don’t make this mistake by sticking to your budget plan — know what your priorities are and keep track of your expenses.

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