6 Tips For Couples Who Are Celebrating Christmas Apart

6 Tips For Couples Who Are Celebrating Christmas Apart


Christmas is a time for family and loved ones to be together under one roof. Sadly, there are many instances where couples have to spend the holidays apart instead of together. This may be because of work, families living in different locations, long-distance relationships, or just plain bad luck.

Being apart during the holidays can be sad and lonely. However, there are different ways to make the best of an unwanted situation. Follow these tips and you and your partner will get through Christmas, even if you are apart:

Connect Constantly

Technology is a blessing. Today couples can contact each other and talk for hours, even if they are in different time zones. Make a schedule of when you are supposed to call and how long the call will last. Stick to this schedule while you are apart so that you both make time for your commitment to each other.

Plus, you will feel less lonely getting to see and speak to your partner as much as possible.

Sending Holiday Care Packages

No, these don’t just mean gifts. Preparing and sending care packages filled with all the things your partner loves as well as additions like personalized couples ornaments is a cute way to remind them that you’re always thinking about it. This is even better if the packages are a surprise because opening them can be the highlight of their Christmas.

You can decorate the box however way you want to make them look extra special and festive.

Set A Virtual Date Night

It might seem silly at first, but when you look at the personalized couples ornaments and feel a pang of sadness, it’s time to have a virtual date. This can involve watching a movie together, but separately or just eating a meal and pretending they were there in person.

Making time for these moments will help distract you from being away from each other, even for just a couple of short hours.

Celebrate Early

Since it is impossible to celebrate Christmas together, celebrate the holiday in advance. Have an early Christmas dinner as a couple and exchange gifts. This way you will still feel like you celebrated the holidays with your significant other. Plus, you can see their reaction when they open the perfect gift you got for them this year.

Surround Yourself With People

Distracting yourself from missing your partner can be hard, but it does help to take your mind off them. Spend time with your friends and family so that you don’t feel too lonely. When you are enjoying yourself during the holidays, time will fly and you will eventually reconnect and see your partner before you know it.

Write Down Your Stories

Even if you and your significant other talk every day, there will be anecdotes and stories that you’ll forget to tell. Start writing in a journal about your experiences that you want to share. They don’t have to contain all the details, but having something to help you remember will keep the memories fresh for when you do meet again and you tell them everything.

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